EA Sports UFC 4 Patch 4.0 Available – Adds 3 Fighters, Gameplay Updates & More – Patch Notes

EA Sports UFC 4 Patch 4.0 Available – Adds 3 Fighters, Gameplay Updates & More – Patch Notes

EA Sports UFC 4 game update 4.0 is available today, featuring 3 new fighters, new vanity for your Create-A-Fighter and plenty of gameplay updates, including animation improvements for ground and pound, balancing for takedowns, and improvements to striking.

Brock Lesnar, Askar Askarov and Jennifer Maia are the new fighters. However, as a “Premium Fighter”, Brock Lesnar will only be free from today through October 29. After that date, he will cost $2.50.

The new vanity added will include Halloween inspired pieces such as a mummy, werewolf, creepy clown, and more. Additionally, we have added additional hairstyles to the created fighter options and new texture options to many of the existing pieces of vanity. You will also notice that all venues are now selectable in Online Invite, Tournament, and event modes.

Check out the UFC 4 patch notes below.

Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters Askar Askarov and Jennifer Maia
  • Added Premium fighter Brock Lesnar in the store.
    • Get him free from Oct 22nd, 2020 – Oct 29th, 2020.
  • Added new items to Create a Fighter which include new hairstyles and clothing items.
    • Head Accessories: Werewolf, Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy, Clown, Jack-o’-lantern and more!
    • New Tops Geo: Werewolf, Zombie, and Onesies (Clown/Mechanic)
    • New Bottom Geo: Werewolf & Zombie.
    • New Top Textures: Animated Shirts featuring various halloween inspired themes.
    • Hairstyles for CAF
  • All venues are now available in Online Invite, Tournament, and Event Modes.
  • Added Judges Scores to Fight Stats screen

Gameplay Updates

  • Ground Striking, Transition & Submission Animation Improvements
    • Mounted Triangle
    • Mount Armbar Start Animation
    • Side Control Kimura vs Hip Out
    • Mount to Side Control Success Animation
    • Mount Underhook to Side Control Start
    • Mount Pull-Down Animation
    • Back Side UP Sub Get Up Denial
    • Sub Get UP Start from Back Side Start
    • Bad Animation cleaned up in half guard flurry vs Block –
  • Ground – Fixed an issue where camera would stop tracking fighters in ground game
  • Striking – Lead Spinning Kick Animation slowed down.
  • Striking – Slowed down teep kick in combos
  • Striking – Enabled strikes in Arcade/Stand-Up modes that weren’t able to be used due to sharing the same button combination of initiating clinch.
  • Striking – Tuned walking speed when engaging in striking to allow more time for counter punches.
  • Clinch – Fixed Body Hooks in Single Under against the cage.
  • Takedowns – Tuned Stamina for Tower Takedown.
  • Takedowns – Added additional scramble scenarios after takedown.
  • Takedowns – Scrambles will now cost stamina for both fighters.
  • KO – Fixed a rare occurrence where knocking out an opponent at the end of round will continue into the next round instead of ending it.

Misc. Updates

  • Fixed an issue in Career where Created Fighter’s custom tattoos did not display in early cut scenes.
  • Updated likeness for Renato Moicano.
  • Updated likeness for Johnny Walker.
  • Fixed various clothing issues.

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Submissions are broken into two new mini-games, one using the back two shoulder triggers and the other using the left analog. In both variations, the goal is to either cover your opponent’s color, or avoid it if on the receiving side. Submissions are made even more exciting thanks to the possibility of chains into a different submission, providing an instant boost. Perhaps you need to strike your opponent to coax them into releasing their limb for an armbar or escape a hold from top position by standing up and slamming them back onto the mat. An impending heartbeat and visual effect complete an improved submission experience.

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